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Uni Viridas Biomass Power Plant

Having been started to be developed in early 2011, 9.7 MW Babina Greda Biomass Power Plant is the largest biomass project in Croatia. MW Power OY, of Finland, has been selected as the turnkey EPC Contractor for the project. The project has secured the wood chip fuel supply and will be operated by Valmet the O&M contractor.

30 million EUR of project financing with 16 years of door-to-door maturity, which was backed by the ECA insurance of Finnish Export Agency, Finnvera, has been closed in September 2013 and the construction of the project has been initiated in late 2013. The project will become operational in August 2015.


  • Location : Babina Greda, Croatia
  • Contractor: MV Power OY
  • Project Type: Renewable / Biomass
  • Capacity: 9,7 MW
  • Shareholder Structure: 70% UNIT, 30%Others
  • Electricity Generation: 77.660 MWh/year
  • Commercial Operation Date: April, 2015
  • Total Invesment Cost: 38 million EUR
  • Financing: Finnvera, Credit Europe, Bank Pozitif, 30 mln EUR